湾 • 伙伴

Bay Partner is a Member enterprise interactive development project initiated by Shenzhen Bay Club, which aims to provide Members with the corresponding rights and interests through the integration of resource display and interaction among Member enterprises, thus enhancing the importance and influence of between Member enterprises, and stimulate the infinite possibility and value of enterprise cooperation. We have brought together many Member enterprises in different fields such as health care, intelligent technology, life aesthetics, exquisite dining, etc., to create more life possibilities and enjoyment for our members.

湾 · 伙伴是由深湾会发起的会员企业互动发展项目,旨在通过凝聚会员企业之间的资源展示与联动,向会员们提供相应的尊属权益,同时增强会员圈层对企业的知名度和影响力,更激发企业合作的无限可能和价值创造。湾 · 伙伴已汇集医疗健康、智能科技、生活美学、精致美馔等不同领域的众多会员企业加入,为会员们缔造更多生活可能和悦享。