A city club gathers together the elites of the city while presenting the best perspective of a city’s character.

Established on a powerful sense of conviction, Shenzhen Bay is now a “calling card” of Shenzhen. On this foundation, we expect to bring together a group of Members who can represent the best of the city and create a platform for communication among social elites and a prestigious, Chinese style club which contributes to society and attracts social elites. This is why Shenzhen Bay Club was founded.

The philosophy of Shenzhen Bay Club is to provide “Quality and Contented Living”, which is inspired by the collective human pursuit of health and happiness. At One Shenzhen Bay, we hope to provide meticulous and tailored services to our distinguished Members and enrich their lives. We expect that the club will grow into a hub which holds the best artistic and cultural events with elements from around the world so that our Members can, as always, focus on the cultural and artistic trends that are happening worldwide.

Shenzhen Bay Club provides Members with an ideal and wonderful club lifestyle through its commitment to professionalism, quality, and innovation.