Primarily engaged in property development, Parkland Group is a conglomerate which also operates in the health industry, business operation, property management and PE investment.

As an advocate, practitioner and leader of China’s property-centered high quality living, the company spent 10 years developing One Shenzhen Bay, a mega high-rise residential and commercial complex as the new landmark of Shenzhen and China. At present Parkland Group, operating with a philosophy of “a global vision and ultimate innovation”, is implementing a strategic plan by setting regional priorities while consolidating national development. By seizing the historic opportunity that China is offering by building Shenzhen into socialist demonstration area, the company has entered a new development phase. By making further progress in the core area of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, maintaining its effort to develop high quality housing projects, and continually striving to become a conscientious, innovation-driven, high quality and professional property developer and operator, it will forge ahead towards better urban development in China.


作为中国房地产高品质生活的倡导者、实践者、引领者,旗下历经十年精心打造的超级国际滨海综合体项目深圳湾1号,已成为深圳的新城市名片,成为深圳乃至中国的地标建筑。 当前,鹏瑞集团将继续围绕“国际视野,极致创新”的核心价值观,启动“区域深耕,全国发展”的战略布局,在深圳成为中国特色社会主义先行示范区的历史机遇下,鹏瑞将全面进入集团化大发展阶段,深入布局粤港澳大湾区核心区域,秉承品质追求的执着信念,继续致力于成为一家“有责任心的、创新型的、高品质的、专业化的房地产综合开发运营服务商”,为构建中国城市发展的美好蓝图砥砺前行!。