Located at One Shenzhen Bay of Nanshan District of the city, Shenzhen Bay Club embraces the scenery of the 15-kilometer Shenzhen Bay coastal recreational greenbelt. Across the bay from Hong Kong and near the city’s financial hub, the club is a 5-minute walking distance from the headquarters of several top companies, including Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Lenovo, CASC, Petro China, CRC and Shenzhen Rainbow Technology Company. It is a club based in the heart of Shenzhen’s financial hub which boasts a convenient location and good transportation.

Offering a mix of prosperous urban living and a private personal escape, Shenzhen Bay Club represents an oasis in the city. With its exclusive and comfortable space, friendly atmosphere, diverse range of facilities and thoughtful services, the club is a first choice for business meetings and recreational activities and an ideal place to bond with your family or improve your physical and mental health.